• Tom-H@ck・Tom Oshima

    プロデューサー / Producer

    MYTH & ROIDトータルプロデューサー。
    MYTH & ROID創設メンバー。

    MYTH & ROID's total producer, handling all aspects from composition to final product. He is renowned for his convention-breaking stance and his involvement in numerous hit songs and media contents, both domestic and international.
    A founding member of MYTH & ROID.

  • hotaru

    作詞家・ストーリー原案 / Lyricist ・Story planning

    MYTH & ROID作詞家・ストーリー原案。
    MYTH & ROID創設メンバー。

    MYTH & ROID's writer, handling both lyrics and story. Up until now, he has been in charge of lyrics for many artists and hit products. Recently, he has been involved in not just lyrics, but also concept and story planning.

    A Founding member of MYTH & ROID.


    ボーカリスト / Vocalist

    Tom-H@ckにその才能を見出され、2017年MYTH & ROIDに加入。

    Having returned from living abroad, she is capable of singing in both English and Japanese.
    Able to freely transform her singing style, her voice is known as the "rainbow-colored voice".
    After being discovered by Tom-H@ck, she joined MYTH & ROID in 2017.

MYTH & ROID 全楽曲サブスク解禁!!


MYTH & ROID One Man Live 2023
“deeper and closer”追加公演TOUR

3/10(金)名古屋 ell.FITS ALL
3/11(土)岡山 IMAGE
[SOLD OUT] 3/25(土)大阪 RUIDO
3/31(金)東京・池袋 harevutai


One Man Live 2023″deeper and closer”追加公演