「MYTH & ROID」(ミスアンドロイド)は、インターナショナルで本格的なサウンド、鋭角的でキャッチーなメロディ、圧倒的なボーカルパフォーマンスを兼ね備えた日本のアーティスト。



2016年に発表した3rd Single「STYX HELIX」4th Single「Paradisus-Paradoxum」は2作続けてiTunes Store(JP)総合ランキング1位を記録。
また、2019年に発表した10th Single「TIT FOR TAT」のMVは公開から約1年で500万回再生を超え、2020年に発表した1st Digital Album「Future is Mine」では遂にサブスクリプションを解禁。同アルバムはノルウェーのiTunes Storeアニメトップアルバム1位を記録。他にもニュージーランド、マカオ、イギリス、イタリアなどの世界各国でTOP10にランクインを果たしている。

ユニット名「MYTH & ROID」は、過去を想起させる「Myth」(神話)と未来を想起させる「Android」を組み合わせた造語。

MYTH & ROID is a Japanese artist boasting a full-scale international sound with sharp, catchy melodies and commanding vocal performances.

Since their major debut in 2015, MYTH & ROID have performed the theme songs for several hit anime series and accumulated over 150 million views on their music videos and related contents.

With the theme of “Extremes of Emotion”, their music and visuals break through any cultural or generational boundaries with a universal appeal, earning international praise and enabling live appearances in over 20 countries.

In 2016, their 3rd single “STYX HELIX” and 4th single “Paradisus-Paradoxum” consecutively reached the number 1 position on the iTunes overall top songs chart in Japan. Furthermore, the music video for their 10th single “TIT FOR TAT” amassed over 5 million views in just the first year after it’s release in 2019.
2020 saw the release of MYTH & ROID’s 1st digital album, “Future is Mine”, released exclusively on streaming and digital distribution services. The album reached the number 1 position on the iTunes top anime album chart in Norway, as well as ranking in the top 10 in other countries such as New Zealand, Macao, United Kingdom and Italy.

The grouping of the words "Myth" and "Android" is reminiscent of the past, while simultaneously calling to the future.